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We have a large variety of house juice, premium e-liquid, single and dual battery vape units,  and salt-nic vaporizers.

Vaporized House Juice Flavors


Vaporized has been proudly serving the Duncanville area since the end of 2014.


We proudly steep all of our house juices for 2 weeks so that flavors have time to mend together and taste
as it should.


Only the finest concentrates and ultra premium nicotine is used for a smooth
satisfying puff.


We limit the amount of nicotine to 24 mg per container.






Our newest addition is a strawberry limeade right on time for this hot Texas summer


Duncanville Sauce
The original house juice of sweet strawberries with a watermelon twist


Fuzzy Fix
Summer special of refreshing apricot and sweet Georgia peaches


Nice Pear
Green apple with sweet pear makes a great pair


That GOOD Good
Sweet watermelon and strawberries with hints of coconut


Sweet pear with ripe strawberry and refreshing nectarine


Tiger’s Blood
Strawberries and nectarines with coconut is one of our classics here


Juicy Jamba
Sweet blend of strawberries and banana with a hint of pineapple





Banana Hammock
Banana cream with a graham cracker finish


Smurf Berries
Berries hand picked in a home made vanilla bean ice cream


Slump Buster
Sweet strawberries swirled with three creams and rich vanilla custard





Cereal Killa
Captain krunch with krunch berries says it all


Blueberry Cheesecake
Creamy cheesecake topped with ripe blueberries


Killa Vanilla
Vanilla glazed donut topped with shredded almonds


Killa Lemon
Same as killa vanilla but with a fresh lemons as a main ingredient


Scotch n’ Rum
Silky butterscotch custard with notes of smooth Jamaican rum


Stud Muffin
Soft flakey muffin with bursts of vibrant blueberries


Strawberry Pie
decadent strawberry cheesecake with a flakey pie crust





Duncanville Ice
Our best selling juice of strawberry and watermelon with an iced twist cool enough to be from Duncanville


Good Good Ice
Tropical strawberry watermelon and coconut with a stout amount of menthol





Grape Dust
Grape with notes of that old school pixie stick candy


A triple threat of watermelon with a sweet candy ending


Tasting a rainbow with a mix of strawberry lemonade


Stage 5
If a pear and watermelon had a love child


Durty Sour
Green apples sour gummies

We carry everything listed and more!


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