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Delta 8
Delta 8 is derived from Hemp, is currently legal in Texas, and we have a huge selection! Delta 8 THC has similar effects to normal THC but it isn't nearly as psychoactive. It has a upper limit and can't reach the levels you find in normal cannabis. You can still perform your daily activities and you can get it today!

Delta 8 comes in varying strains of Hemp. These include Sativas, Hybrids, and Indicas. Sativas are good for energy, Hybrids good for daily use, and Indicas good for evening relaxation. See the graphic below to learn more.

Now for the best part of Delta 8, it has the same benefits of normal cannabis! It helps with Pain, Sleep, Stress, Anxiety, Libido, Fatigue, and Depression. Each strain has its benefits that are specific to that particular plant. Not sure which strain to pick? Choose your desired effect and use our online Delta 8 selection guide.


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